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ArmA 3 Terrain

ArmA 3 Terrain Editing

ArmA 3 Tools page lists many terrain tools with valuable information, for example Terrain Builder.

Beginner Tutorials

ArmA 3 Ultimate Terrain Tutorial by PMC

The Atlas tutorial by Jakerod



v1.60 visual upgrade lighting config and how to fix it for user made terrains.

Config.cpp example config ready to copy paste, also detailed explanation on values.

Dummy config for class cfgWorlds so in-game map view (M) vegetation foliage blob shows up after binarization.

Enoch Config mostly new or whats changed.

Real World Data


Misc Page, stuff that we haven't found better place yet

Tribute to Bushlurker 1960 - 2017. Terrain community has lost one of its greatest. Rest in peace.

List of Vegetation objects and small descriptions

Buldozer Cursor | Clutter, Buldozer and You by Pennyworth

Convert Layers PNG Fast how to convert satellite texture/mask very quickly.

ArmA 3 large terrain limits

Grid and Cell Sizes what size is your terrain? How to describe it on forums / chats? What size are official bis terrains?

L3DT (root page) and L3DT (arma3) great terrain heightmap and satellite texture / mask generator.

Satellite Image Resolution Size Explained

Multiple Mapframes

Materials Per Cell

Environmental Sounds Tanoa audio tech.

Terrain Builder Template Libraries

Terrain Processor Templates

Water Color how deep your ocean have to be in order it to be “dark blue” etc and Heightmap Editing Water Depths. Suggested Ocean Satellite Texture.

Error: Too Many Virtual Blocks Requested

Road Shape Mapview Size

Heightmap Editing Tools

Heightmap Terrain Builder and Wilbur

HOWTO Create Normal Map (NOPX) from Ground Detail Texture (GDT) and Heightmap Normal Map Info

Terrain Specifications

Buldozer Loading Time

Ground Detail Texture, MCO uvTransform

RoadsLib.cfg from altis, malden, stratis and tanoa.

Changing Skybox by Jujurat

Terrain Layers RVMAT Crash

Object Placement

Terrain Tutorials

User Interface

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