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ArmA 3 Class Clutter

Class clutter is a config.cpp entry which must be located in cfgWorlds/tag_MyAddon/ class.

Example class clutter

class clutter
	class tag_YourClutterName: DefaultClutter
		// Determines the affection of the clutter to the wind (0 - stone, 1 - common grass)
		affectedByWind = 0;
		// Path to your clutter model
		model = "path\to\your\tag_clutter.p3d";
		// If colored by the ground, desired color relative to the ground
		relativeColor[] = {1, 1, 1, 1}; //not used in any A3 Clutter configs
		// Maximal scale for random clutter scaling
		scaleMax = 1.0;
		// Minimal scale for random clutter scaling
		scaleMin = 0.5;
		// Use default lighting (0 = disable, 1 = enable). This should be enabled if your clutter uses the "Grass" pixel or vertex shader, otherwise it should be disabled
		swLighting = 1;


Config.cpp entries for cfgWorlds/tag_MyAddon/

Float: Max coef for clutter coloring at far distance (must be >=1, large coef means we can colorize more)

clutterColoringFarCoef = "5.0f"; //value used by Tanoa

Float: Speed of far clutter coloration (1 = linear, 2 = quadratic, etc.)

clutterColoringFarSpeed = "2.0f"; //value used by Tanoa

Float: Distance (in m) when clutterColoringFarCoef when we start to interpolate to clutterColoringFarCoef

clutterColoringFarStart = "20.0f"; //value used by Tanoa

Integer: How far clutter is visible

clutterDist = 100; //value used by Tanoa

Integer: Controls density of clutters (size of square where single clutter is present)

clutterGrid = 0.8; //value used by Tanoa

Integer: Maximal size of clutters (for clipping)

clutterRadius = 1; //value used by Tanoa

Float: Coefficient for clutter radius to check against roadways (0 = check only center, 1 = check whole radius)

clutterRoadwayCheckRadiusCoef = "0.8f"; //value used by Tanoa

Float: Distance where ground detail texture is fully visible (begin fading out)

fullDetailDist = 5; //value used by Tanoa

Integer: Where ground detail texture is no longer visible (end fading out)

noDetailDist = 50; //value used by Tanoa
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