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Universal Maps Downloader

Please note that Universal Maps Downloader and Offline Map Maker tools suck as they get their IP banned by google for hammering, you should get Satellite Texture with Terra Incognita instead.

See arma2 google satellite maps downloader page first.

Or Offline Maps Maker which is better version of Universal Maps Downloader I think.

Some comments from bis forum:

While I [ZeroG] was using UMD myself at times I created my tutorial, I nowadays only use Global Mapper, as it allows you to download layers just the exact size of the map and you can export them just fitting on the square you defined, projected in UTM and automatically stitched together. Furthermore, there are far more layers accessible on the web than UMD allows you. Just look for WMS/TMS layers on google and you will find lots of data for your area which can be easily added to Global Mapper.

For satellite images, I use “World Imagery” provided by ESRI (without watermark ofc) but in general I think that it is not a too good idea to use high detail satmaps at all, as you can never recreate the detail displayed on the image (expect for large landscapes without buildings maybe). It might look good at height but silly on the ground. Detail level as on Chernarus satmap is enough.

What I know find quite useful is “World Topographic Map”, as the terrain features there are represented in one color and not so detailed like on satellite images, which means you can easily separate them and fill them with (Chernarus/Takistan)-textures as satmask or with colors for texture mask.

for a small terrain the world imagery is usefull, but with a bigger terrain size u run into trouble realy fast. as u encounter issue's like different tiles from different seasons/years in your downloaded sat image. i must admit it does give u a 100% fit on your terrain wich is realy a + but i ran in this issue myself for atleast a few times with world imagery.

you download your hight data here:

there u get your hight data and coords those coords u put into universal maps downloader to download satallite image. Global mapper only needs the .tiff file, coord info is embedded in the .tiff file.

If you want to get geo-referenced images of any zoom level, with the GPS stuff in the file, use this program: Global mapper can import OziExplorer data. When downloading the image, just select an area bigger than what you think you need, and use global explorer to export both the .xyz and a .png. Best of all, Terra Incognita is free!

Snake Man Offline Map Maker notes: first coord is LATITUDE, second is LONGITUDE.

latitude = up/down
longitude = left/right

zoom level low number == low quality, high number high quality. Offline map maker allows zoom level 19 while universal map downloader only 17 unless I'm mistaken.

01-04-17 when downloading, the opening of earthexplorer did NOT avoid my IP getting banned (opening that site doesn't even make any sense).

Not sure if zoom level 19 is too much, back in the arma2 terrain era I used universal maps downloader zoom level 17. not sure if the scale is better or perfect for arma terrains in general.

Using Offline Map Maker's image combiner with 74k x 74k image took a really long time with the program being (Not Responding) mode, just wait and it finishes. The image combiner did 10.4gb bmp image as well as jpg which both did not open in photoshop. QGIS opened the .map file but the downloaded project was like same image stacked three times, really weird.

Easy Bing Maps Downloader

[6:12 AM] M1lkm8n: Easy Bing map downloader
[6:14 AM] M1lkm8n: You just input the top left lat/long and bottom right lat/long and set you zoom level and go….it even stitches them together and georeferences It for you.
[6:15 AM] M1lkm8n: It's awesome in combination with global mapper

There doesn't seem to be official homepage for it, only tons of “download sites” of various kinds.

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