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PMC Terrain Builder Mini Tutorial

ArmA 3 Terrain Builder Mini Tutorial by PMC

Updated for arma3 v1.66 / terrain builder v1.31.0.139381

  1. mapframes → add mapframe, click ok
  2. type in project name to properties → name
  3. type in project root dir to properties → output root folder. (this would be P:\prefix\tag_projectname)
  4. click create subfolders button, click ok
  5. copy your data ground texture rvmat's and paa's into <project>\data\ directory
  6. copy your layers.cfg and maplegend.png files into <project>\source\ directory
  7. set easting to 200000 and northing to 0
  8. switch to samplers tab, setup properties according to your terrain (make sure texture layer is at least 2x your cell size)
  9. switch to processing tab, use “…” button to browse into your source\layers.cfg file
  10. click rebuild terrain button, click yes
  11. click OK in bottom of mapframe properties dialog
  12. save your project to Source\TerrainBuilder\ directory
  13. file → import → terrains (xyz file)
  14. file → import → satellite images (you can choose bmp or png)
  15. file → import → satellite mask images (you can choose bmp or png)
  16. layers manager do on all layers, click RMB → Terrain Coordinates & Properties, easting: 200000, northing: 0, also Size width/height
  17. mapframes window → your project name → click RMB → properties (or double LMB click)
  18. switch to processing tab, click rebuild terrain button, click yes
  19. tick export satellite texture and surface mask (make sure 4 materials per cell is selected)
  20. click generate layers button and wait until its done
  21. click OK and save your project
  22. convert layers\*.png to *.paa

Now your terrain is ready for viewing using terrain builder buldozer.

Object Placement

Adding P3D objects into a template

  1. library manager → template libraries → RMB → create library
  2. give it a name
  3. tick create new library from directory
  4. source directory point to → P:\a3\plants_f\Tree
  5. click ok, all done

Single Object

  1. create object template
  2. select object from library manager → template libraries → whatever-template
  3. click add object icon from main menu (icon: side ways box and plus sign)
  4. LMB click anywhere on the map, object is placed


  1. turn on view shapes icon in main menu
  2. click layers manager → shapes tab
  3. click add new layer button icon, give it some name
  4. click add polygon icon from main menu (icon: box and plus sign)
  5. now LMB click points to create a polygon, once youre done double LMB click to close the polygon
  6. click layer manager → objects tab
  7. click add new layer button icon, give it some name
  8. unselect “add polygon” button
  9. click to select any of your polygons in terrain, RMB → Fill (add new objects)
  10. select objects (trees for a forest)
  11. properties → preset name: add some name like forest 1 etc
  12. other settings are up to you what you use, object density 60, click
  13. click ok and objects are placed inside your selected polygon

Export / Import Objects


  1. file → export → objects
  2. click document to export all objects in your project
  3. click available templates select all button
  4. use whatever format suits you, custom is compatible with the old arma2 formats
  5. select destination file, click OK to export


  1. select which layer you want to import objects
  2. file→ import → objects
  3. select file to import with the “…” browse button on destination file
  4. click OK to import
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