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Choose Terrain Area

How to choose your arma3 terrain area by creating global mapper project.

Once you have found location with web browser arcgis or google/maps, then open up global mapper and click online sources, choose world street map.

Now click the zoom icon or use ALT-Z to activate it. Then choose very small area in the country you are interested in, lets say Iraq.

You probably have to do this twice or maybe even more times to zoom close enough, global mapper is bit sluggish so be patient.

Once you have zoomed close enough, then select tools → configure → projection → UTM. Now it should offer you Zone (in iraq) for 38 or 37 which is correct for this region of the world, click Apply and then wait patiently as global mapper is processing (this takes several minutes depending on your computer speed etc).

When its done click OK and now the projection is proper UTM which is close to what arma3 uses.

Now would be good time to save your project so you don't lose this time spend on so far.

Next you create the grid which will be the actual arma3 terrain area.

Click create grid icon on top menu bar, now click on world street map, doesn't really matter where. On grid setup dialog your type in terrain size on grid cell width/height, for example 40km would be 40960 and 81km would be 81920, the size in meters. Click OK and user created feature grid appears on the map.

Double click on the grid, clear the Name field “A1” because I believe it will be overlayed on any exported satellite imagery (not sure).

To move the grid, make sure the grid is selected, you are in digitizer mode (pencil icon, or hit ALT-D shortcut), then choose move selected features icon (CTRL-SHIFT-M), click LMB on the grid and finally just drag the grid around.

Now your arma3 terrain location area has been chosen.

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