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ArmA 3 Terrain User Interface

How to setup ArmA 3 Terrain User Interface.

User Interface Images

picturemap_ca.paa is 2048 x 2048 resolution image, map view of the terrain. It is shown as loading screen on the background.

ui_stratis_ca.paa is 1024 x 512 resolution image, landscape view of the terrain. It is shown on the terrain selector when browsing which terrain you want to load into mission editor. The “stratis” of course can be your own custom terrain name or anything, even “ui_ca.paa” if you wish.


pictureMap = "tut\tut_terrain\data\picturemap_ca.paa";
pictureShot = "tut\tut_terrain\data\ui_terrain_ca.paa";

Author Name

When you browse and choose terrain from mission editor menu, you can see its author listed. Its configured in your terrain config like this.


author = "PMC";
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