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Dummy Config for Class CfgWorlds

Binarizing terrain WRP requires config.cpp namely class CfgWorlds to be present in the same directory as the WRP file otherwise all vegetation (trees and rocks) foliage will not work in-game map (M) view.

Early 2017 Mikero changed pboProject to give warning (not an error, a warning) about this issue. Since then many people were scratching their heads of whats up as their WRP data + config were separated to two different pbos.

Early August 2017 Mikero again changed pboProject to warn you about missing worldName in config next to WRP file.

This can be fixed / avoided by adding dummy config to the pbo where your WRP file is located.

Terrain dummy config with WRP file:

class CfgPatches
	class PMC_iraq_baghdad_wrp
		units[] = {};
		weapons[] = {};
		requiredVersion = 1;
		requiredAddons[] =
class CfgWorlds
	class Stratis;
	class PMC_iraq_baghdad: Stratis
		// pboProject requires
		worldName = "\pmc\pmc_iraq_baghdad\pmc_iraq_baghdad.wrp";
		// arma3 requires for forests to appear in mapview (M)
		minTreesInForestSquare = 2;
		minRocksInRockSquare = 2;

This would require no additions to your normal <TERRAIN_NAME>_cfg config.cpp entry as you obviously are already using “PMC_iraq_baghdad_wrp” as requiredAddons[] entry.

Credits from this dummy config goes to kju!

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