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ArmA 3 Terrain Layers RVMAT Crash

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In short: use 2048 x 2048 resolution surface mask tile size.


PMC Poland Krynki terrain is 65.5km x 65.5km in size, its got standard 1 meter / pixel scale satellite texture/mask. Mask is created from OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape data in Global Mapper, its got quite a lot of different colors.

When Terrain Builder generates layers for this satellite it generates 37,338 layers RVMAT files.

When this terrain is binarized and loaded in-game… it causes crash to desktop (CTD).

If you replace satellite mask with single color placeholder and try, it works OK.

PMC Poland Hulskie is 40km with similar OSM based satellite mask from global mapper, has 30,546 layers rvmat's and works OK.

Does ArmA 3 have some 32,000 rvmat limitation? :o

I should increase my surface mask tile size to reduce the RVMAT file count.


PMC Ukraine Donetsk now with detailed satellite mask comes down to 42,241 data_layers\ RVMAT files. This results ArmA 3 CTD when loading the terrain.


PMC Ukraine Donetsk 81,920 resolution satellite with 2048 resolution surface mask tile size generated 18,308 layers RVMAT files. This fixes loading CTD and also mapview zoomed out “mosaic” bug.

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