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Beginner Eden Editor Object Placement Tutorial

This video tutorial will help you learn to place objects using only the default Eden mission editor in ArmA 3.

If you have never used mission editor before, don't worry it is really easy and these tutorials will walk you through it.

We use PMC Opteryx Objects but what you learn in these videos can be used with default a3\ or any other custom addon objects as well.

First we place simple objects into a mission and save it and export to terrain builder import file. Then we use existing objects in a mission and create a custom composition out of those, finally we show how to select and place the custom compositions.

Youtube videos: Eden Editor HOWTO Place Objects, PMC Opteryx Objects and Eden Editor HOWTO Save and Place Custom Compositions.

See also ArmA 3 Eden Editor.

Placing Objects

Start the editor and choose your terrain.

Go to assets browser (R key to turn it on/off).

Click F1 or objects icon, click Props icon. This is for placing objects like buildings.

Double click PMC Opteryx Objects category open. Open sub category like Buildings Large, click object doesnt matter which one, then just click on the 3D viewport to place this object type.

All done.

Placing Compositions

Go to assets browser (R key to turn it on/off).

Click F2 or Compositions icon, click Custom icon. This is custom compositions which you must do yourself or download from the internet.

Once you have custom composition selected, just click on the 3D viewport to place one.

All done.

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