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ArmA 3 Heightmap Editing Tools


Loads forever with large satellite / layers dir contents. 40,960 res satellite loads 10mins and 71,680 loads 45mins, cant imagine how long 102k or 143k loads heh (ok ok those are monsters but yeah). See Buldozer Loading Time.

Incredible clunky.

If you select terrain vertices from terrain builder, buldozer becomes extremely sluggish almost to the point of unusable.

No undo feature, you make one mistake and bye bye edits since the last save unless you can somehow fix what you did by further editing.

Coastline / ocean bottom editing is difficult due sun light reflecting on the water in certain camera angle, very frustrating.

View heightmap, satellite AND water at the same time. This is identical to what you see in-game. Is useful if you want to edit terrain to match objects. The best option… if you could bare the stuff listed above.


L3DT is excellent for large scale bulk editing.

Excellent brush tools.

Water line doesn't match arma3, not really.

You cannot see heightmap, satellite AND water at the same time. Accurate coastline editing is impossible, however with high resolution texture map you can still blindly & carefully edit your coastlines.


Excellent, one of the best if not the best erosion tools.

Bad heightmap import / export features (you need to shuffle, but can be done).

Mostly outdated tech, we used Wilbur back in OFP era, however don't be fooled by Wilbur's age / origins, its still powerful heightmap creator and editor.

Terrain Builder

Can select with one vertices accuracy with enough zoom in.

Very clunky to select large area of ocean.

Sluggish when selecting, deselecting vertices and applying user edits.

HOWEVER … use shape files to select precise areas of vertices, for example coast lines.

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