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Global Mapper Lat/Lon Config Tutorial

2021-10-05 Global mapper Latitude/Longitude config tutorial for ArmA 3 real world data terrains.

Load global mapper project, select user created feature grid.

RMB → crop combine/split/split functions → subdivide quadliteral area. Use grid number of rows and columns: 2, click OK. On modify feature info dialog click OK.

Drag a box around the new vertice in center of your user created feature grid, then RMB → vertex editing → set position of selected vertices.

Tick geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude).

Copy latitude to clipboard and go to Lat Long Data website, paste values to “DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds)” latitude box. Repeat this for longitude.

Click green convert button and now you have two values, “DD (Decimal Degrees)” latitude and longitude.

For some reason arma3 latitude is with NEGATIVE number if its north of equator.

Now just copy-paste the calculated values to your config and don't forget the north of equator negative value.


latitude = -14.98310431;
longitude = 43.21916667;
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