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ArmA 3 Buldozer Cursor

When working with terrain builder previewing your terrain and objects, buldozer uses cursor which can be changed as its simply a P3D model.

Buldozer Cube Replacement

Replace the Cursor.p3d in P:\core\Cursor with any model you like.


Bludclot's Cursors

By Bludclot

My main pet peeve has been precision of placing objects and selecting them within buldozer. Well here is my cure. I've made a few high precision cursor models that will let you place and manipulate the smallest of objects, Runway lights and similar.

There are currently 3 different ones but more will be added. Personally I only use the small one depicted here.


Back up your:


Pick one of the cursors in the downloaded archive, rename it to cursor.p3d and replace the original.

Source bis forum topic. Download bludclot_cursors.7z 3kb.

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