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Global Mapper Image to Shape

Global Mapper (GM), Terrain Builder (TB), Terrain Processor (TP).


Ice: right click image in control center > create area from equal values. Then in the bit that pops up there is a “only create areas for selected colours” You click that and put in the RGB of the colour you want to be a shape

When you export shapes to image from TB, it makes a .pgw file. GM can read that, so your image is in the correct place

So you make a .pgw file with the same name as your image and GM will use that to set your image to the correct coords. Then when you convert the image to shape, it will be at TB coords. otherwise GM doesn't know where you image is or what m/px.


Opteryx: import .asc to GM > import forest raster > modify layer position/coords of forest raster to fit .asc heightmap > generate shapes from raster with maximum match distance: 20 > vertex editing > simplify with horizontal threshold: 10 > export .shp > import .shp in TB


[Ben]: Yeah, i used it for generating my forests. I very roughly, traced the outline of the forest on the satmap in TB. Exported shapes to imagery out of TB, took that into photoshop, where i touched up edges, and then used a contracted selection to create a border of a different colour around the edge of the shapes. Plugged this into GM, and used it to create shape files for my “inner” forest colour, and shapes for the “border” forest colours. And then fed them into TP do run separate tasks to generate different densities and displacements of the foliage in that forest depending on if its the forest edge or part of the main bit.

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