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Map Builder


Download from official homepage or if you are experienced user get the sources directly from github.

Install the addon like any other addon and launch arma3, all done :)


  1. Open mission editor
  2. Place a player character
  3. Place Map Builder game logic (systems in eden editor)
  4. Hit preview and you see “Map Builder” action menu appear, activate it and Map Builder starts

Keyboard Controls

Same as arma3 eden or buldozer basically. WASD to move with SHIFT fast or left ALT very fast, Q and Z altitude and keypad NUM keys to rotate the camera view.

Hold down RMB to rotate camera, scroll wheel zoom in / out.

Understanding Objects

Every object (3D model) you see in Map Builder has a what we call mission editor config.cpp, without configs map builder cannot access the objects.

So if you download fresh new object pack addon today, it will not work in map builder by default unless the addon author has written editor config for it. If the authors have not written this config, please contact them and request they add it so their objects can be used in map builder (and other tools like it).

Select Object

Select object from objects library on the right.

Select placed objects (only placed in map builder project) by LMB clicking on them, or middle mouse button (scroll wheel) pressed and drag a box around the objects. Object(s) are designated as selected by them having green bounding box around them.

De-Select Object

De-select objects by RMB click on the viewport. Do not click on objects but just empty part of the viewport.

Place Object

Double left mouse button (LMB) click o the viewport to create currently selected object.

Rotate Object

SHIFT-LMB and move mouse to rotate object.

SHIFT-RMB and mouse move uses center of rotation as the point of mouse cursor.

Elevation of Object

ALT-LMB moving mouse will increase or decrease the object(s) elevation.

Object Pitch / Bank

SHIFT-CTRL-LMB changes the pitch of selected object(s).

CTRL-ALT-LMB changes the bank of selected object(s).

Delete Object

Delete object(s) by selecting one or more and hitting DEL key.

Object Inspector

Double click object to open Object Inspector. Here you can fine tune all the object properties, even preview the outcome before committing by OK button.

CTRL-R resets object rotation, pitch and bank for currently selected object.

Copy Paste Object(s)

CTRL-C copy and CTRL-V paste of selected object(s).

Object Align to Ground

CTRL-T align selected object(s) to ground.


Click brushes button, select some brush from the brushes dialog, for example “brushes-stones”, click Load and then you can close the dialog by clicking red X in top-right corner. Now select brusher icon, the SHIFT-LMB draw and you'll get objects created according to the brushes template.


Saving a preset saves what is currently in the clipboard, loading a preset loads the preset into the clipboard.

You load a preset then hover mouse over terrain and hit CTRL-V to paste the preset.

Once you have new set of objects selected from which you want to make a preset, just hit CTRL-C and then go to Presets button, write file name to it and click Save button.


Fencer is used to place objects in lines, like fences and walls, etc.


Export to TB looks like to be the same as Visitor 3 import/export file.

Save / Load Project

Saves or loads your projects. Project files are saved in <mod-dir>\projects\ directory with .mbproj file extension.

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