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HOWTO Create Normal Map from Ground Detail Texture

How do you create normal map NOPX image out of your CO ground detail texture (GDT)?

m1lkm8n: I usually start by creating a nohq map which is the normal map. I use a program called pixplant which can spit out nohq and other maps at the same time. so ill load my main main texture in and export a nohq and the displacement map. then in photoshop I open the nohq map and go to the blue channel and delete whats in it. then I create an alpha channel and paste my displacement map into it. the displacement map acts as a sort of heightmap. so youll want to be careful as any dark areas in your texture like a shadow will show up as a depression in your nopx map. once done save and open in textview and save as a paa with the _nopx suffix


Win32'Shelestov: well, i'm not aware of any tutorials for parallax, but my basic workflow is next: create normal map and heightmap, open normal map in photoshop/gimp, fill blue channel with white color, create alpha channel and put heightmap there. How heightmap works is described in link above.
Win32'Shelestov: Then save it as 32-bit tga with no compression and _nopx suffix
Win32'Shelestov: you can save any vanilla _nopx texture as tga in texview and open it in ps/gimp to see how it's made


Temppa: Parallax map is easy to make: Open crazy bumb, open texture file→ go preferences and change save normal map with displacement in alpha-channel to »»> yes. Change normals/displacement setting as u like, try to win. After settings are done » select normals and save normal map.

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