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Finding Location On Globe

Use your web browser and go to and navigate to the place which interests you. Web browser seems to be much quicker and “light weight” to operate than using street maps in global mapper.

Another excellent, perhaps better than is which allows you to easily swap between satellite imagery (world imagery), openstreetmap, world maps and all kinds of ocean / topography maps. ArcGIS in browser if highly recommended.

ArcGIS is the world imagery and world maps you'll see in global mapper.

Okay back to google/maps.

RMB position → whats here? → click the link that popped up bottom center of browser. Now the coordinates appear in the navigation bar on left side of the browser with coordinates of this location, from there its easy to copy paste them to your text notes.

You can also use Global Mapper → Connect to Online data (Online Sources) → World street map, to open street maps which show you locations in countries just like would. However is much faster / optimized and has some search plus additional features.

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