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ArmA 2 Tools

This page is dedicated for tools specifically made for ArmA 2. Remember that most ArmA tools work just fine with ArmA 2.

Official Tools

BIS has released the official tools.

The tools will overwrite the existing ArmA tools!

Oxygen 2 for 3d modeling.

Visitor 3 for terrain editing.

Loading and saving PAA/PAC textures.

Loading and saving PAA/PAC textures, cmd line.

BinPBO for packing and binarizing addons. BinPBO Exclude List help.

Sound Tools. Sound tools manual.

FSM Editor. FSM editor manual.

BinMake conversion tool.

Download BIS tools from here.

BIS Sample MLOD/P3DM models check here.

Explains about the P:\ virtual working partition.

Quick guide how to install ArmA 2 BIS Tools.

Generic and misc info and tips of how to use Visitor 3.

User Made Tools

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