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To Merge a pbo

patchpbo OrigPbo[.pbo] [PatchPbo[.pbo]]

Output will be to OrigPbo, and, original OrigPbo renamed to OrigPbo.old

if not specified. OrigPbo_Patch.pbo is expected in same folder

To Create a patch pbo

patchPbo  -C OldPbo[.pbo] NewPbo[.pbo] [[PatchPbo[.pbo]]

Output will be to NewPbo_Patch.pbo if not specified


patchpbo -c My\Old\GreatAddon My\New\GreatAddon

output to GreatAddon_Patch.pob in My\New folder

patchpbo MyGreatAddon

MyGreatAddon will be patched with MyGreatAddon_Patch.pbo in same folder

The intention of patchpbo is to produce a 'no-brainer' difference file between original and new versions of, a pbo. I does NOT use delta comression and as a result can be exceptionally small.

This difference file can be downloaded by your users INSTEAD of a completely new pbo with dramatically reduced footprint and bandwidth (often as little as 1% the size !!!!)

Bisig keys are garanteed to be the SAME as if you had supplied the new pbo.


without patchpbo you would normally supply your new pbo AND it's bikey

MyGreatAddon.pbo 1meg «< the NEW pbo


WITH patchpbo you supply

MyGreatAddon_Patch.pbo 10k

MyGreatAddon.bikey the same bikey as your new addon

Given that your users have a copy of patchpbo (and it's dll) all they have to do is

patchpbo MyGreatAddon MyGreatAddon_Patch «the ORIGINAL pbo

Requires DePbo.dll - Check Mikero tools homepage in Dev-Heaven.

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