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3D Modeling in ArmA 2

ArmA 2 modeling. 3D model file extension is P3D.

BIS Sample Models

BIS has released sample model(s), it a soldier model + skeleton. Check out details here.

If you want to make sample models from any of the bis models, or any other user created models, follow our create ArmA 2 P3D sample models tutorial.

See also HOWTO Open ArmA 2 P3D Files.


You can read still valid information about geometry from OFP: Modeling: Geometry LOD page.

Max poly count

Max Model Geometry size

What is the maximum dimensions size of a model you can create before your geometry doesn't work anymore? Check Max model size.

ArmA soldier to ArmA 2

Head Proxy

How to swap into new Head proxy for your character models.

Wreck model

Check out info about how to create wreck model to vehicles.

Old style material flags used error

If you get “old style material flags used” error, check old material used error page on how to fix it.

Damaged wheels

How to create wheel damage to your vehicle, read damaged wheels page.

Modeling a Tree

2nd UV set error

2nd UV set error explained.

Keyframe Error

Keyframe error and how to fix it.

Animation Tutorials

How to make User Animations.

How to animate character hands for individual weapons, Weapon Animation Tutorial.

Shock Absorbers

Vehicle Shock Absorbers.

Weighting Tutorial

Lighting Shading

Backpack Tutorials

Check Backpack for how to make custom backpack by STALKERGB.

Read backpack BIS originals and backpack tutorial by PMC.

Aircraft Cockpits

Aircraft cockpits and how they are aligned to the rest of the model.

Aircraft Proxy Weapons

Aircraft Proxy weapons explained.

Road MLOD Setup

How are ArmA 2 road models setup Road MLOD setup.

ArmA 2 Missile Model

ArmA 2 Missile Model setup Missile model setup.

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