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Backpack tutorial

PMC backpack tutorial, should cover all your backpack needs :)

This tutorial assumes that your soldier already has backpack modeled into him, which means the model itself works nicely and has all the necessary selections especially Spine1 - Spine3 etc so it moves with your soldier model. If you leave the selections out, the model will drop to the ground level but moves with your soldier. In essence, the backpack model needs to be “part of your soldier” or otherwise it wont fit on his back.

Modeling part

In O2 do the following:

  1. select the whole backpack model and possible harness/stuff. Copy (CTRL-C as in copy paste).
  2. click new model, paste (CTRL-V).
  3. create LandContact, add one point between soldiers back and edge of backpack.

You also need to make proper resolution LODs, shadowVolume, Geometry, View Geometry and View-Pilot, however the backpack works with those above steps already.

Now go back to your soldier model from where you copied the backpack and do the following:

  1. select the whole backpack model and possible harness/stuff, delete (DEL). Do this for all LODs etc.
  2. choose Create → Proxy and type: \ca\weapons_e\ammoboxes\US_Bag
  3. proxy is placed properly by default, so just copy paste it to all res LODs, view-pilot and fire geometry.

Done modeling.

Config part

cfgWeapons the backpack itself:

	class Bag_Base_EP1;
	class VTE_backpack_alice1: Bag_Base_EP1
		scope = public;
		vehicleClass = "VTE_backpacks";
		displayName = "VTE ALICE 1";
		picture = "\ca\weapons_e\data\icons\backpack_US_CA.paa";
		icon = "\ca\weapons_e\data\icons\mapIcon_backpack_CA.paa";
		mapsize = 2;
		model = "\pmc\vte_chara\vte_backpack_alice1.p3d";
		transportMaxWeapons = 1;
		transportMaxMagazines = 20;
		class TransportMagazines
			class _xx_VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag
				magazine = "VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag";
				count = 12;

The above config is complete and working.

cfgVehicles soldier model:

	class MySoldier: US_Soldier_Base_EP1
		canCarryBackPack = true;
		backpack = "VTE_backpack_alice1";

The above config is not complete and its just an example, you need to just add those two lines into your existing soldier config, these lines are “canCarryBackPack” and “backpack”.

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