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This is all about missions and campaigns for ArmA 2.


How to create a briefing, its not done with briefing.html anymore, but with the “tasks” command.

Mission Editor ComRef

Animation Names

Multiplayer Scripting

Read Multiplayer scripting by Sickboy

How to run multiplayer High Command on Dedicated Server.

Array Tutorial

Read how to use arrays in missions from Array Tutorial.

Eventhandler Tutorial

Userconfig HOWTO

HOWTO use Userconfig.

Texture on mission

Convert HTML briefing to sqf

All units playable in MP

Campaign Files

Campaign overview.html file details.

How campaign uses global DtaExt directory to store music and sound files for all of its missions.

Usage of exit.sqf on campaign missions.

Porting Missions

Porting a OFP or ArmA mission to ArmA 2.

Remove Weapon / Magazine Cargo From Ambient Vehicles

How to remove weapon / magazines cargo from Ambient Civilian Vehicles Module placed vehicles, check out How To Remove Weapon Cargo From Ambient Vehicles page.

User Interface

Trigger Activated Only By Players

In mission editor create a trigger activated by players side, then put its condition line like this:

this && ({_x in thislist} count playableUnits > 0)

Now the AI alone will not activate this trigger, there has to be player present.

Mission File Name Length Limit

Mission file name length limit tells you how long file names you can load and save in mission editor.

Random Mission Design

Random Mission Design ideas, thoughts, etc

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