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Convert OFP / ArmA briefing.html to ArmA 2 briefing.sqf

Convert OFP / ArmA briefing.html to ArmA 2 briefing.sqf script file.

Use Powergrep to do the initial converting the html code to ArmA 2 compatible sqf script. With delimited regular expressions use this:

<a href="marker:(.*?)">(.*?)</a>===<marker name = '\1'>\2</marker>

If you must do it manually, do it like this:

<a href="marker:
replaced with:
<marker name='

replaced with:

replaced with:

With that change your markers are compatible. Next you need to manually copy paste the relevant text from the html into your new sqf script, yes there is no automated one click method to magically convert a briefing, some manual work is required.


First run Firefly's briefing.html to briefing.sqf python script

Then use PowerGrep delimited regular expressions search and replace lines for the new briefing.sqf files you created:

<a href="#MySection">War Situation</a>===War Situation
<a href="marker:(.*?)">(.*?)</a>===<marker name = '\1'>\2</marker>
<a name="MySection">===
<a href="#plan">Back to plan</a>===

Please note that the MySection and plan are unique searches in our case, your mission briefings may be different.

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