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ArmA 2 Terrain

This is ArmA 2 Terrain Editing Tutorials.

You can still use the 1 texture WrpTool method familiar from ArmA terrain. More up to date details from PMC Tactical forums ArmA 2 WRP editing topic.

Terrain Extruded

Mountains / Skybox remove

Terrain Resolution

Terrain Resolution in Visitor 3 how to edit your terrain in 1m, 50 and 10 centimeter resolution.

Terrain select image

User interface select image

Ideas for Mod.cpp Logo Image

Terrain name string length for user interface like mission editor menu.


BIS Terrain Analysis

Ladders not working

ArmA vs ArmA 2 terrain configs

The differences between ArmA and ArmA 2 terrain configs.

ArmA 2 OA objects in Visitor 3

ArmA WRP to ArmA 2 quick tutorial

ArmA WRP to ArmA 2 quick tutorial.

Road selection error

If you get road selection error in RPT, check out road selection error page.

Class Names

Location Class Names.

Ambient Modules for custom terrains

Class Names is used to configure Ambient modules to your custom terrain.

Using L3DT

Thoughts for using L3DT (root page) and L3DT (arma2) to make WRP terrains.

Add <any WRP> objects to Visitor 3

How to add chernarus, takistani etc objects from WRP files into your Visitor 3 project automatically? Read WRP to PEW tutorial.

ArmA 2 Terrain Tutorials

ZGM ArmA 2 Terrain tutorial part 1 is about using DEM data, World Tools and Global Mapper.

Allie terrain tutorial: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 and part 6.

ArmA 2 Terrain Tutorial aka Sgt. Ace's terrain tutorial.

Summary of How Tupolov created Qom Province terrain.

ArmA 2 Mini Terrain Tutorial

DEM terrain misc info.

Terrain Design in generic terms.

How to get Visitor 3 Using 40960 Resolution Satellite Texture guide.

Latitude / Longitude Tutorial

Google Satellite Maps Downloader

Generic Tips for developing terrains.

How to separate Data and Data\Layers for individual smaller pbos.

Water Color, how to change ocean/sea water color.

Wilbur Erosion Tutorial, in 2022 moved to Wilbur namespace.

ArmA missing objects in ArmA 2

Large Terrain Errors and Limits

Large Terrain Errors or problems that we know of so far.

Large Terrain Limits tested and listed.


How To Convert Layers\*.png Fast, faster than buldozer for sure.

Satellite Texture Merge, if you ever had to stitch your imported (and chopped up) satellite texture / mask back together from the Layers\ directory.

BIS Layers.cfg for default BIS terrain ground textures.

Height Map Details

Generic issues of how to increase the Height Map Details (Visitor 3 Grid size).

Visitor 3 Roads to Satellite Texture

How to get Visitor 3 Roads To Satellite Texture using obviously Visitor 3 and Photoshop.

ArmA 2 3D Editor and World Tools

You can use ArmA 2 build in 3D Editor to place objects and then convert them using World Tools into Visitor 3 readable format.

Error too many objects in grid 1023,1023

What does error message “too many objects in grid 1023,1023” mean? Read Error Too Many Objects In Grid 1023,1023 page for help.

Custom Keypoints / CfgLocationTypes

Visitor 3 Base Texture Layer Size

In Visitor 3 terrain projects you must double the base texture layer size in order your terrain to work OK.

Binarize Errors

Bad Position

272035:pmc\vte_objects\vte_bush24.p3d - Bad position 1594.4,0,867 (surface 100.3)

This is caused because your object floats high in the sky, this is usually happening after importing objects to Visitor 3 from 3rd party tools like World Tools etc.

Fix it by aligning the objects to ground in Visitor 3.

Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem→Loaded()'

w:\C_branch\Poseidon\Arrowhead\lib\landClutter.cpp(4289) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem→Loaded()'

This error means that you forgot to convert layers PNG into PAA files.

ArmA 2 Buldozer Loading Time

ArmA 2 Buldozer Loading Time made quicker.

Buldozer is bitch to run, especially if you have large terrain to edit.

Having large satellite texture increases buldozer loading time, its recommended that you make hilarious 1024 x 1024 down-re-sized version of your satellite and import that when you need to do some buldozer viewing, like some object placement editing which requires you to see the final result in buldozer before binarizing wrp into in-game use.

Of course its another matter to calculate does it take more time to shuffle the incredible sized satellites like this just to load buldozer quicker few times… but mainly this tip is for the ongoing early development.

Visitor Object Paste Tip

Here's one tip for import of new terrain when your map is already full of objects:

  1. CTRL-A select all objects
  2. Copy all objects to clipboard (CTRL-C/Copy from menu)
  3. Delete all objects.
  4. Import new terrain, inspect it in Bulldozer and make necessary tweaks
  5. Paste back the objects as absolute height (from the menu)

250,000+ objects take couple of minutes, but it works. Check the bridges, other stuff should be in place.

Cell Size FPS Drop

depends on the number of cells as well. I did a few wee 5x5km terrains - 1024×1024 - 5m FPS was consistently good with them… but I did a 2048×2048 x 4m one as a test recently and it was a real fps hog - even empty 2048x2048x5m wasn't significantly better either - so it wasn't the drop from 5 to 4m cell…. four times as many of em was the problem though I did notice that if I dropped the viewdistance down from 8km to about 3.5km it improved significantly lots of small cells all visible at once = maybe not a good idea

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