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Allie Terrain Tutorial Part 1

Some images are missing from this tutorial.

Installing Visitor3 Visitor RC3

You need to have ArmA installed, in this tutorial ArmA is installed on the D: drive

Also I have the MY DOCUMENTS on a separate drive, the E: drive

This is NOT important for the Program to work

As long as you have ArmA Installed .

Fist of all lets download the latest version of the tools:

Store it somewhere on your harddrive.

I have made a nice folder for all my ArmA stuff.

  • Extract the file :
  • Run the file : BI_Editing_Tools_Setup.exe

I choose everything, who knows maybe I’ll start using Oxygen too.

Better choose ALL, You need ALL but Oxygen, but better take all.

The installation location, see I changed my location to D:, this is where I have installed Armed Assault.

It will ask this 3 times, For Oxygen, for Visitor and for TexView.

Ah and we go on with the next path, this is for BinPBO Personal Edition, again I installed it to the D: drive ( its not the actual ArmA directory, but the bohemia interactive/tools directory)

This may be different then you, this is the My Documents location, I have My Documents on a different drive, E drive.

You may have something looking like this: C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\ArmAWork (PMC Tactical note, do NOT install software in windows default dirs)

And this should be the end result.

You should also have a new Drive, a P drive

Ok now browse to the ArmA tools folder and find the Visitor3.exe in there

Just right click and Drag the Visitor3.exe to your desktop and create shortcut.

Click the shortcut to see if it works

And lets hope it looks like this.

Accept the license agreement.

Just close Visitor for now.

Well that’s the first part.

Next thing we need before we can start using visitor3 is the option of extracting .pbo files.

Download Mikero's tools.

Store it again somewhere where you store your ArmA tools, and extract it.

Now lets go to your Armed Assault directory and find your Addons folder.

We have to extract (right click, you have the new DePbo extract function there now) the following files:

  • Buildings.pbo
  • Misc.pbo
  • Plants.pbo
  • Rocks.pbo

Repeat this for the other folders, Plants, Misc and Rocks.

Now right click and Cut the folders which you extracted from the ADDONS folder in the ArmA directory TO the CA folder on the P: Drive.

Your P: Drive should look like this now

There is some controversy about the next part, but I found help on the forum about this, and it is important for getting all ladders and stuff to work correctly.

The installation of Visitor has given us the roads folder inside the CA folder on the P: drive, but it did not give us a Config.bin file for it.

So we have to extract the Roads.pbo in the ArmA addons folder and from there copy and paste the config.bin file, RTM folder and the data folder to the roads folder in the CA folder on the P: drive. It should look like this:

Now we also have to derapify this config.bin file and then it should look like this in there:

Just so we wont get confuse we are going to remove al 5 config.bin files from the buildings, plants, misc, rocks and roads folders in the CA folder in our project folder.

And do this for the Plant, Roads and Rocks folder yourself now.

Now we can have our first real test if all is working correctly.

Start Visitor3 with the desktop icon.

Should look like this, about.

Go to tools → system preferences

Make sure it looks like this. Your ArmA Might be installed on different drive ! for me its d:

Click the new project button

Just click OK, this is just test to see if buldozer is working .

It should look like this about.

Now click the connect/disconnect to buldozer button.

If it looks like this you may be very happy.

Next Part we start Making an island.

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