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ArmA WRP to ArmA 2 quick tutorial

Quick Tutorial about how to port WRP terrains from ArmA into ArmA 2. The largest problem of porting is the ArmA missing objects for which you need to find replacements, even some of the road names were changed in ArmA 2. If you have fully custom made terrain, then you're almost done, but the more ArmA objects you used, the more work you have to do to get them replaced.

Quick porting tutorial

Copy your terrain + possible object dirs into ArmA 2 P:\<namespace>\ dir, where <namespace> is your own namespace (if you are porting your own ArmA WRP, then you should know what namespace is, if you don't… then read for example Build environment page).

First we use Mikero's MoveObject.exe to process the paths in the PEW file.

Make _run_moveobject.bat file in the terrain dir. add there this following:

\path\to\moveobject -L <filename>.pew >>_log.txt

That moveobject command is ran for the Visitor 3 PEW file, there is no point of running it on wrp file as that can and will be compiled.

See the _log.txt and write down all the paths you need to change. Then change _run_moveobject.bat to read:

\path\to\moveobject -L <filename>.pew OldPath\OldPath NewPath\NewPath >>_log.txt

What ever do you need to change the paths. Sometimes you don't need to change if you have properly made ArmA terrain.

Start Visitor 3 and load up your project PEW file. Import the satellite texture / mask once again and then save the project.

Use Mikero's ConverWRP to convert the PEW into 8WVR WRP which binarize reads:

\path\to\createwrp <filename>.pew

And then rename the <filename>_8WVR.wrp into your real WRP name.

Open up your terrain config.cpp and do few changes. We start by changing the requiredaddons which is too high for ArmA 2 (if you had it set high in ArmA).

Check this line:

requiredVersion = 1;

Don't have that set higher than 1 as it doesn't mean pretty much anything other than to cause nuisance to you when users complain about the required version.

Check that your requiredaddons doesn't contain addons which ArmA 2 doesn't have:

requiredAddons[] = {};

Next change or add this following line:

pictureShot = "\path\to\data\ui_selectterrain_<NAME>_ca.paa";

That is the mission editor terrain selector image. Obviously you must go and create this image, but for that you can read UI terrain selector image page.

Check for clutter because unless you used totally custom clutter, you need to change it to ArmA 2 one:

class clutter

If you want to just quickly get your terrain in-game, you can comment it out like this:

class clutter {};

And remove / comment out all the other clutter class lines between the { and };

Now you are ready to binarize and try your terrain in-game the first time.

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