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MoveObject is the successor to MoveP3d.

MoveObject will rename file paths inside *any* wrp, rvmat, bisurf or p3d, binarised or plain, including internally to pbo's


MoveObject [-options...] NameOfFile[.p3d] from to
MoveObject NameOfFile[.p3d] // list only
MoveObject NameOfFile[.p3d] replacementlist
MoveObject NameOfFolder from to or, [replacementlist]

Historically, movep3d, and fred, moved p3d files by default. Any other file type (wrp eg) must be specified.

Options (case insensitive)

-L  list only //deprecated
-F  output list to NameOfFile.lst, not screen

List example

MoveObject NameOfRVmat.rvmat OR
MoveObject -L NameOfRVmat.rvmat // deprecated

The list option is used to

a) check what paths are in the model to change
b) check the change took place

Rename Examples

MoveObject MyOldP3d MyGreatAddon\somewhere\data  MyNewAddon\Henry\Marbles\wherever\you\want

Moveobject will rename the p3d to old.p3d IF changes are made, and replace (in effect) the existing one, with the changed. An 'old' p3d, if it exists, is removed unconditionally. this to indicate an 'error', or 'no change' if such conditions occur.

The two tandem batch files are examples of how to make a global change to all files in a given folder.


All renaming must be from start\of\folder.

renaming marbles will not work
renaming some\folder\marbles
will work

If you specify a leading slash, it will be ignored.

The tool handles the vagaries of this path'ing internally, by looking for the totally erroneous leading slash, if present, in some, p3d's. Why why cant bi get their act together.

Where you have differing paths, (and most models have lots of differing paths) “ca\somewhere” you need to successively Moveobject until you are complete.


OFP unbinarised p3d's (odol-sp3x) cannot have:

  • more than 32 character default path
  • more than 32 character texture names
  • more than 58 character proxy names

WRP unbinarised ofp files (4WVR) cannot have:

  • more than 32 character texture names
  • p3d model names > 76
  • p3d model names <3

WRP unbinarised arma files (8WVR) cannot have:

  • less that 3 characters for p3d model names
  • Be prepared to wait a very long time on 90meg wrp files

Parameter List

The text file must contain the following format (as if each line were passed on the command line)

OldName1 space NewName1
OldName2 space NewName2

The parser for this is very primitive and very unforgiving

Requires DePbo.dll - Check Mikero tools homepage in Dev-Heaven.

Moveobject Proxy

How to use Moveobject to move proxys?

movobject.exe filename.p3d skodadriver.01 pilot.01

Where “skodadriver.01” would be the old proxy name and “pilot.01” the new one.

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