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Terrain Extruded

Here is the config from v1.02 patch which introduces the extruded terrain enhancements. We had infinite terrain extruded already in ArmA, but how there are some random features in it. No, this is NOT A RANDOM DYNAMIC TERRAIN, don't get confused.

	class OutsideTerrain
		satellite = "ca\chernarus\data\s_satout_co.paa";
		enableTerrainSynth = 1;
		class Layers
			class Layer0
				nopx = "ca\chernarus\data\cr_trava1_detail_nopx.paa";
				texture = "ca\chernarus\data\cr_trava1_detail_co.paa";

Difference between outsideterrain on and off is that when its on, your terrain in map view is displayed indefinitely so that you cant zoom enough out to see it all. At 3D when you walk in the “wildernerss” there is no end, dunno if anyone has really tried to walk endlessly there.

When its turned off, your terrain map view looks like good old OFP style where it ends at the edges of your actual terrain.

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