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OA objects in Visitor 3

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead p3d objects in Visitor 3.

Has anyone tried un pbo'ing or de pbo'ing any of OA pbos to place objects on their map? I'm getting an error message once i try to place an object when buldozer is running and it something about bad version in p3d?

of course… A2 buldozer does not know how to deal with v49 ODOL/LODO models from the A2OA content you are adding to your map. However, you could rename your current Oxygen2 pointed to 'buldozer' to say 'buldozer.exe.0' and rename your 'P:\bin' folder to say 'P:\bin.0' and then copy the ArmA2OA.exe over to where Oxygen2 expects your buldozer.exe to live and rename it to buldozer.exe (better solution than altering the pathname in options).

Then you'd extract your A2OA bin.pbo and copy it over to your P:\ drive. Now you should be able to launch buldozer to see your model/island. Same applies to V3. This works fine for O2 but haven't tried myself for V3. Sometimes the talking 'tween V3/O2 and buldozer.exe is out-of-order so to speak.

PS. ArmA 2 & ArmA 2 OA both use the same WRP file version. ArmA 2 OA uses v49 ODOL's but will present earlier version fine as well. ArmA 2 or its tools variant of buldozer can only understand up to v48 ODOL's.

Synide hex edit

Actually, In the mean time till a new tools suite comes out you can use the A2 build tools (including binarize) to add Arrowhead buildings, structures & miscellaneous stuff from OA content to your islands.

Lets say you wanted to add \ca\structures_e\HouseK\House_K_1_EP1.p3d to your island. Of course you should already have extracted structures_e.pbo to your P:\.

Find your .p3d you want to add, open it in a HexEditor and change the version of the ODOL from 49 back to 48.


  • This will ONLY alter your extracted reference material from OA over on your 'P:\' drive development area.
  • This will allow the A2 binarize to process the reference to the OA object you are trying to add to your map.
  • So long as the original OA object is available to the map when you run it in game you won't have a problem.

This should be viewed as a stop-gap measure till you receive some updated tools from BIS. Edit: guess what, BIS tools did NOT solve the issue, hah!

Cheers, Sy.


You can also use Mikero's ConvertP3D to convert all your ODOLs to v48.

ConvertP3D.exe AnyOA.p3d 48

To convert all the models in all sub directories, you might try DOS batch file like this: Be very careful as this overwrites ALL your P3D files in P:\CA\ !

rem change OA v49 p3d Tag back to v48, so binarize can process them
dir /b /S p:\ca\*.p3d >listdir.txt
FOR /F "tokens=1* usebackq delims=" %%A in (listdir.txt) do (
	convertp3d -48 "%%A"
if errorlevel 1 goto err
del listdir.txt
exit /b 0
echo failed at v49->v48
exit /b 1
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