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WRP to PEW tutorial

In this example we use “takistan.wrp” file to make takistan.pew out of it.

Unpack takistan.pbo to your P:\CA directory by using Mikero's ExtractPBO. This will create ca or takistan directory there, move the takistan directory into p:\ca\ dir.

Make sure you have proper CFG file for ConvertWRP in the \ca\takistan dir, lets call it a “pew.cfg” for now. Use the following command to convert the WRP to PEW.

convertwrp takistan.wrp 60 pew.cfg

Open Visitor 3, select Import Templates.

Select the takistan.pew file.

Visitor will take some time to import some 1,000 objects.

Now go to View → Panel of Objects and you should see that Visitor has now all the objects available in Takistan to your map.

Repeat this process for chernarus.wrp and any other wrp you wish and you will have almost all of the objects for both maps now registered in Visitor.

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