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This pbo extractor is a DOS console exe intended to extract any pbo from CWR through to ArmA 2.

In the specific case of arma style pbo's (including elite), the prefix is accounted for in two ways

1) a $PBOPREFIX$ file is added to the output.
A $PBOPREFIX$ file if detected in the pbo itself, is NEVER extracted.
2) the output folder can, optionally, be extended by the prefix name.

The name of the output folder, is, the name of the pbo, OR if the -w 'somewhere' option is used, the output is to 'somewhere'

The -aw options are useful in combination to build an arma ca folder tree (eg)


Normally, ExtractPbo does two important things

1) it checks before over-writing a folder
2) it erases all output folder content in an 'all bets are off' approach before extracting the pbo

using the somewhere option causes these 2 features to be disabled.

If you have crap in the output folder(s). the crap will remain in the output folder(s). If you specify an 'interesting' destination, you will get, 'interesting' results.


ExtractPbo [-options...] NameOfPbo[.pbo] [SomeFolder]

Options (optional, case insensitive)

Listing only
-l list only 
-lb brief dir style output
standard output

-n Noisy (default = silent)
-b Brief dir style output

-y Don't prompt if overwriting
   the pboname, is, unconditionally, the name of the output folder.
   A check is first made to see if this folder exists and a prompt issued.
   -y, ignores it.

-w (same as [SomeFolder]). All output to 'SomeFolder' instead of pboname.
   if the -a option is used, the ultimate destination of the contents of the pbo will be
-a Extract to prefix folder (arma only). otherwise no effect
-d Derapify file(s) where relevant (default)
-r Dont Derapify file(s) where relevant 
-f filelist[,...] name(s) of file(s) to extract
   extracted file(s) will appear in their 'correct' position in the relevant output folder tree
   thus, multiple instances of config.cpp (eg) can be extracted.

  a minor form  of wild card the aster dot sequence can indicate 'all' extensions of that type


ExtractPbo -f *.p3d nameofpbo


ExtractPbo thing

will extract thing.pbo to thing folder and derapify any content (such as mission.sqm) that has been binarised

ExtractPbo -f -r mission.sqm thing.pbo

will extract a single file (and DO NOT derapify)

ExtractPbo -L thing

Does a dir listing of pbo content along with added info.

Requires DePbo.dll - Check Mikero tools homepage in Dev-Heaven.

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