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ArmA 2 Mini Terrain Tutorial

  1. create terrain with L3DT (root page) and L3DT (arma2)
  2. create project in Visitor 3
  3. import xyz heightmap
  4. tools → project parameters: Texture layers. add new layer, make it twice the size of your cells.
  5. tools → project preferences: Textures. add path like tut\terrain3\data where your layers\ directory is created by v3.
  6. save project
  7. put clutter textures + rvmats into data\ directory, check paths in the rvmat files.
  8. put layers.cfg file into source\ directory, edit it properly to state the paths in your project.
  9. put maplegend.png file into source\ directory.
  10. put your satellite texture/mask lco files into source\ directory.
  11. tools → import satellite + mask. choose source\layers.cfg file, then satellite texture and finally the mask image.
  12. start buldozer, wait until it converts png to paa format (or use pal2pace method).
  13. close buldozer alt-f4, save project.
  14. use ConvertWRP to convert pew into wrp file.
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