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ConvertWrp converts WRP formats from one format to another from ofp CWC through to Elite and ArmA 2 type 24 Chernarus.

Any WRP will convert to

  • 4WVR (OFP)
  • 8WVR (ArmA)
  • OPRW ArmA to another OPRW ArmA type (17,18,20,24)

Restrictions: essentially, convert WRP converts binarised models of the same family to their unbinarised equivalent.

It is not possible to cross the divide between ArmA and OFP because ArmA uses material files(rvmat). OFP uses textures (p3d).

All other conversions are at your own risk and will probably fail.

CANNOT binarise xWVR to OPRW


ConvertWrp AnyWrp[.wrp]  [toType]

 8:8WVR (default)
18:OPRW_ARMA normal
20:OPRW_ARMA sara


  • you cannot cross family borders
  • OFP uses textures (paa) ArmA uses materials(rvmat)
  • ArmA 2 uses a different style of compression (lzo), the old style compression lzss is not supported (as a write function).

ConvertWRP to PEW

PEW conversion is instanced as:

ConvertWrp AnyArmaWrpFile[.wrp] 60 [PewConfigFile]

The file will be converted to an 8WVR if binarized before it is converted to PEW.

Produced file extensions are:


In this version there is no attempt to rebuild road networks, backgrounds, or 'places of interest'.

PEW Configuration file

If detected, a PEW Configuration file is meant to set items like color and natural or artificial objects to a desirable outcome. WRP files do not contain this information, and output to pew sets all objects to 'natural' by default (since plants are by far the largest quantity of 'objects' on an island).

By default, .cfg extension unless specified otherwise on command line;

You can have a default configuration file or a special, or none at all. If a config file is specified on the command line. That file predominates. If none specified the exe looks for a default configuration file in the same folder as the WRP. The default name is, EITHER, the NameOfWrp.cfg,,, OR, a more generalised 'PEW.cfg', if both exist, the NameOfWrp.cfg predominates. If neither exist, the exe looks for a default file in the 'current directory' which is not necessarily that of the WRP. If no config file is found, the exe sets it's own default values. Specifically, all objects are set to 'natural'.

Here is quite nice configuration file for ArmA 2 Combined Operations (ArmA 2 + ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead + British Armed Forces + Private Military Contractors DLC's).

	ArmA 2 Combined Operations + DLC objects
#define NATURAL 1
#define ARTIFICIAL 2
#define ROADS 3
#define RGB_DEFAULT -1
#define RGB_BLACK 	0x000000
#define RGB_BLUE 	0xFF0000
#define RGB_GREEN	0x00FF00
#define RGB_RED 	0x0000FF
#define RGB_GREY 	0x7F7F7F
#define RGB_DARK_GREEN 	0x007F00

Requires DePbo.dll - Check Mikero tools homepage in Dev-Heaven.

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