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Terrain Base Texture Layer Size

ArmA 2 Terrain Base Texture Layer Size

By default on new projects Visitor 3 sets the texture layer size to same size as your cell size, this is wrong.

Its VERY important that this Base Texture Layer size be larger than your height map cell size.

For example if your roads have gaps between the road pieces or whole pieces missing completely, its because of base texture layer size is equal to the cell size (or too small anyways).

To change it, go to Tools → Project Parameters, click “Base” layer in Texture Layers box, then click Edit to bring up the selection of the size.

Select it at least double of your cell size. If the Satellite Segment says “(Invalid)”, don't worry, click Calculator button and re-set your satellite image size, click Apply Proposed and Close, now the Satellite Segment should say (Valid).


Its an odd default setting - basically “same size as heightmap cell size” whereas to be trouble free it has to be BIGGER than heightmap cell size

It's basically like segment “sub cells”

Satellite texture gets tiled into segments, segments get tiled into Texture Grids

Then in each texture grid, the ground textures are tiled, and the dominant textures mco is stretched across the entire texture grid area

Ideal size for a texture grid is 4x the heightmap cell size

That's the range of sizes you get offered - dependant on the heightmap cell size, and also the sat, since the sat & mask need taken into account since they're divided up into segments which are in turn divided up into texture grids, so all the numbers need to pan out

So if you're 10m heightmap cell size - annoyingly - base texture default size will be 10m

You'll be offered 10m, 20m, 40m, etc etc - optimum size is 40m… if your sat layer is higher res than 1px/1m then you might only be able to go to 20mx20m… if it's lower res than 1px per m then you might be able to go higher - ie: 80x80m

White / Gray Terrain Textures

If your terrain textures disappear or turn into white / gray color when increasing viewDistance, its caused by too small terrain base texture layer size.

In this screenshot we are running too small base texture layer size and use large viewDistance.
Large size

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