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Latitude / Longitude for config.cpp

ArmA 2 Terrain Latitude / Longitude coordinates for config.cpp

Go to Google Maps, use LMB to move the map where youre chosen location is, then RMB map and choose menu option “Whats here?”.

Now look at the google search box, it has numbers like 2,45

These are; first number is longitude, second number is latitude.

For config you'll write:

latitude = 45;
longitude = 2;

Now your terrain is setup in those coords and the environmental effects reflect this, sunrise, sunset, moon phases, stars etc.

Make a note that most of us has grown accustomed to the nice weather that daytime is bright and lighted while night time is dark, if you choose real world locations it most likely causes your terrain to have very dark environment then if you chose such spot in the globe. This is part of realism, but its getting some time used to. I mean being dark at 1400hrs in afternoon is quite depressing. That was just an example of course, if you choose some nicer spot, you get very long day cycles etc. Its all about the location.

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