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Terrain's in ArmA, as the engine is so great now we decided to generalize and call this section terrain instead of islands. You can still use OFP WrpTool to edit ArmA WRP files, but all its ODOL format p3d files will cause “vertexInfo” error, you can skip these errors by just pressing the OK button or Space Bar.

Read initial information at PMC WRP Tutorial.

PMC provided the community with Empty WRP files for 102km and 204km sizes. We also released the PMC WRP Demo terrains which include 51km, 102km, 204km terrains as well as Mogadishu city terrain and Oceanworld map.

The big list of OFP objects in ArmA which helps you on island porting.

Object alignment heights here.

New WRP texture system: Layered Terrain Surface

Visitor 3 comref by Master85

Visitor 3 Quick Tutorial by Opteryx

Global Mapper Tutorial by Opteryx

Default object descriptions, looking the name for guard tower or dumpster? maybe this list helps.

How to extrude terrain to infinity?

Visitor 3 / Buldozer terrain grid size vs cell size frame rate test results by fasad.

Map symbols guides you in the map view.

Terrain grid and cell size explained. If you don't know how large is some terrain, this will explain it all to you.

Ground clutter, how its done.

Visitor 3 Erosion feature, small details.

Misc stuff which has no proper location otherwise (or yet).

How to work with WrpTool and Visitor 3, read VTE Visitor 3 tutorial page.

Making simple landscape terrain creation tutorial.

Making Satellite Texture and Mask

Roads types and descriptions.

DEM Resolution

DEM Software

Mask creation

Visitor 3 Terrain 101

Google Earth images

Visitor 3 background image

Roads in Satellite Texture

Blue Edge in satellite map

Export to EMF

Using Google Earth

Satellite texture making tips

Buldozer problems

Grey scale PNG image for terrain import.

Enhance terrain resolution for those OFP 50m cell terrains.

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