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PMC WRP Demo terrains

PMC WRP Demo terrains. Released June 3rd, 2007.

This is terrain WRP technology demo for ArmA by WrpTool Development Team. It will contain total of 5 terrains which are the following:

  • PMC desert 51km - 51.2km x 51.2km sized desert terrain.
  • PMC desert 102km - 102.4km x 102.4km sized desert terrain.
  • PMC desert 204km - 204.8km x 204.8km sized desert terrain.
  • PMC Oceanworld - 204km sized area with a lot of ocean and few small islands.
  • PMC Mogadishu - City of Mogadishu Somalia, quite real road network.

Also includes three missions and one campaign configured into the addon pbo.

ArmA v1.07 or later is required to run this addon.

These terrains are covered with desert terrain and vegetation suited for desert theme. The cities on these terrains are huge and populated with ruined buildings to create that war torn feeling (first seen on PMC Rattler island).

Purpose of this release is to demonstrate to the ArmA community of how huge terrains and especially cities we are now able to create. The terrains aren't really finished or “pretty” in a sense, but certainly they can provide enjoyable mission editing environment, especially it would be interesting to test how these terrains work in multiplayer player versus player usage. Mostly these terrains miss airport objects and small details like that.

Special thanks go Solus who granted me permission to use this nice desert texture, Deanosbeano, granQ, Smiley_Nick and everyone else who was involved in the WRP stuff, I proceeded this far with inspiration from you guys :)


That covers it pretty good, but I'd like to add that while these islands are “unfinished”, they are quite enjoyable and they even include couple of demo missions (how many addons you know without any? eh). The cities are huge, only couple of them include road network and the building locations aren't that precise as in other islands, however I enjoy the cities myself at this point (later they can be improved on other islands of course). The Mogadishu city has real road network created from satellite image, the buildings are the war torn burnt buildings and there are some distance between the buildings now so its not that claustrophobic, if there is demand for real hardcore Mog city, I can improve the building positioning and types.

I'm planning on building “final” large desert island for ArmA in theme of PMC Rattler island, most likely candidate for this would be the desert 51km from this PMC WRP Demo release. Also I will plan to create good tutorial how to make islands for ArmA using the existing tools.

Before you download, understand that these are technology demonstration islands, please do not come back complaining if they do not work etc etc. For example the 102 and 204km islands give some errors on arma.RPT file and in some cases cause crash, we have not tracked down why this happens, the 51km island works without any problems. Anyways, just to clear this up.


Download PMC_wrpdemo.rar - 16.1mb.

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