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Config.cpp file(s) are that make ArmA run. You cant use textures and models without configs. Many times its the config that makes addon, not fancy model no matter how many polygons it got…

How to make easy to read and edit config format.

How to setup the birds and the bees, ie ambient life to your cfgWorld.

How to configure your house / building class objects.

Read how to tweak the different skills of AI's.

How to configure weapon recoils?

cfgSurfaces clutter descriptions.

This is a list of common errors in configs which you should avoid.

How to add custom faces to your addon.

Inheritance in config.

How to add multiple airbases / airports / runways to you terrain config.

Overwriting in config.

Config reference for turret values.

Vehicle interior lighting problems get fixed with these config values.

Extended Event Handlers (XEH) by Solus and Killswitch.

How to create custom mines.

How to create soldier wound textures.

Individual sounds per terrain.

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