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Building Configs

A building.p3d is defined here as being a structure such as a house or building.

  • Hotel
  • Fuel Station
  • Military Bunker

In general to create a class of a building.p3d you need to preface it with Land_xxxxxx

where xxxx = MUST be the name of the p3d.

Why this is necessary and hard wired into the engine, defeats me. However, without the Land_ preface, neither animations, nor destruction effects work.

Arma changed it's destrtype = House so that the buildings

  1. vanish
  2. are replaced by rubble of that building that you must build

This is at odds with ofp, which, generally gave a rather clever destruction of the existing p3d file.

Arma calls this rubble, ruins, which is entirely inconsistent with true ruin models Eg most castle walls etc.

For any building you create, if it is destroyed, it will simply vanish from the face of the earth. To put something there, you need to declare the following.

Destruction Class

For any of this to operate, at the top of your cfgvehicles you need to state

class CfgVehicles
	class HouseBase;
	class House: HouseBase
		class DestructionEffects;

Building Class

class Land_MyBuilding: House
	model = etc;
	scope = etc;
	..... // your general blurb followed by
	class DestructionEffects: DestructionEffects
		class Ruin1
			simulation = "ruin";
			type = \ca\buildings\ruins\AnyRuin_ruins; // ie select a suitable one
			position = "";
			intensity = 1;
			interval = 1;
			lifeTime = 1;

Custom Rubble

class Land_MyRubble
	scope = 1;// at least prevent the stupid thing being listed in the editor
	model = \YourPbo\MyRubble; // or, use one from \ca\buildings\ruins\any_ruins.p3d;
	displayName = Rubble; // this name is shown when you move soldiers(eg) to it

Note that the p3d name, and this class name, must match.

Note that above is generic rubble for any “building” class you create. You can, alternatively, create specific rubble.p3d's for specific building p3d's.

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