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Tools and Utils

The tools you need... quick overview of all the tools you need to edit ArmA.

You can still use old Oxygen 2 and WrpTool to edit content, however in model editing you really need to get Oxygen 2 PE. Kegetys released paa plugin for Adobe Photoshop so textures can be edited and saved.

Don't forget the editing_tools list.

Official Tools

TexView2 is util to open and save texture images. It will include Pal2PacE util to convert textures.

TexView2 texture util.

Oxygen 2 Personal Edition download here

Visitor 3 Personal Edition download here

BinPBO is a tool for binarizing and packing addons, that also includes BinMake, FileBank and DSSignFile.

BinMake is a tools to be used in data packing process to dispatch conversion of various file types to corresponding conversion tools. Currently its most common usage is from Binarize or Buldozer, it is used to control conversion of texture and material files by Pal2PacE or CfgConvert.

CfgConvert is a command line tool for converting configs between text and binary representation.

Binarize is a model / world optimizing tool.

DSSignFile is a tool for signing ArmA content.

Community Tools

ArmAUnBIN by feersum.endjinn

ArmAUnPBO by feersum.endjinn

Eliteness by Mikero

cpbo by kegetys

unrap by kegetys

PAA Plugin by kegetys

Move UV's by Synide

p3dm2lxo by Synide

lxo2p3dm by Synide

p3dminf by Synide

Roller by Spooner

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