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Oxygen 2

Oxygen 2 is actually the real full version of “O2” model editing program by BIS. They released “Oxygen Light” to the community, but for simplicity and common practice, we just call the released lite version “Oxygen 2” or in short “O2” here at PMC Editing Wiki.

O2 is used to edit OFP P3D model files, it only reads/saves MLOD models.

Keyboard Shortcuts

LMB=Left Mouse Button,
RMB=Right Mouse Button

Selection Function
LMB Make selection
F2 Select object
F3 Select face
F4 Select vertice
CTRL-(any of the above) Add to selection
CTRL-SHIFT-(any of the above) Remove from selection
CTRL-A Select all
CTRL-D Deselect
O Object select mode
T Select surface mode
V Vertice selection mode
CTRL-I Invert selection
CTRL-L Lock selection
CTRL-W Select only one side (front/back toggle)
CTRL-LMB/LMB Select all surfaces assigned with texture (from texture window)
CTRL-E Toggle selection toolbar
Views (Editor) Function
` Toggle between preview and editor
* (Numpad) Center on selection
CTRL-* (Numpad) Center view on model
ALT-* (Numpad) Center all views on selection
Z Zoom mode (in 2D views)
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
ALT-LMB Move camera (in 3D view)
CTRL-LMB Rotate camera (in 3D view)
F Show/Hide back oriented faces
CTRL-H Hide selection
CTRL-SHIFT-H Unhide selection
F9 Default window layout
ALT-S Split window in 4 views
Views (Buldozer) Function
LMB Move object
RMB Rotate object
Numpad: + Zoom in
Numpad: - Zoom out
C Move object to left
X Move object to right
E Move object closer (fast)
W Move object closer (slow)
S Move object away
Q Move object down
D Rotate object to left
A Rotate object to right
Numpad: 4 Rotate object anti-clockwise around Z-axis
Numpad: 6 Rotate object clockwise around Z-axis
Numpad: 2 Rotate object anti-clockwise around X-axis
Numpad: 8 Rotate object clockwise around X-axis
Numpad: Enter Toggle far overview
Numpad: 5 Reset to original alignment
Right Windows Key - F Toggle Information
Right Windows Key - T Forward in Time
Right Windows Key - V Toggle Dialog Modes
Right Windows Key - X Toggle Textures
Right Windows Key - Y Backward in Time
General Editing Function
SHIFT-L Lock selection
CTRL-SHIFT-L Unlock selection
X Lock X axis
Y Lock Y axis
Z lock Z axis
Positioning Function
RMB Move selection
CTRL-RMB Rotate selection
CTRL-SHIFT-RMB Scale selection
Space Center on pin
C Center pin on selection
SHIFT-C Toggle Pin Use
R move pin
SHIFT-D Weld selected vertices
SHIFT-M Weld selected vertices
SHIFT-W Linear Deform window
\ Triangulate: change 4-point surfaces into 2 3-point surfaces
Creation/Deletion Function
INSert Create vertex
DELete Delete selection
CTRL-V Paste
SHIFT-RMB Create & move copy of selection
F6 Create face from selected vertices
F7 Create box
F8 Create cylinder
D Remove face
P Flatten points: bring up the “flatten” window
Q Uncross: cross or uncross selected edges
Texturing Function
A Enter texture mode
B Apply texture to selection
CTRL-B Get texture from selection
I Smooth edges
U Sharp edges
F5 Recalculate normals
W Inverse normals
M Map window
G Gizmo mapping window
CTRL-U Bring up Unwrap dialog
Properties Function
E Face properties
SHIFT-E Vertex Properties window
SHIFT-O Coloration window
ALT-C Toggle Coordinates window
ALT-H Toggle History window
ALT-L Toggle LOD window
ALT-M Toggle Mass window
ALT-P Toggle Named Properties window
ALT-T Toggle Texture library window
CTRL-1 Toggle Named Property window
File Operations Function
CTRL-O Open file
CTRL-S Save file
CTRL-T Toggle default toolbar

Download and updated Viewer / Buldozer from BIS pages.

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