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Mission Editing

This is Operation Flashpoint mission editing category.

Check out how briefing.html file works.

Check out how overview.html file works.

Check out how campaign description.ext file works.

Campaign Design by PMC

Real Campaign by PMC

Instructions how to make Overview picture

Explanation of errors:
Error Zero Divisor

Invalid Number in Expression

Error Unknown Operator

Error Generic Error in Expression

Error Type Something Expected Nothing

Descriptions of Triggers

Descriptions of Waypoint: Guard

Descriptions of EventHandler's

Usage of camera.sqs script.

Commands: saveStatus, weaponPool.

Custom callsigns.

Listing of Music tracks found on Resistance.

Variables and Arrays by Dinger

Mission Editor User Interface explained. Familiarize yourself with the tool to edit missions.

DtaExt in campaign is directory where you can globally store your audio files for all missions.

Usage of exit.sqs on campaign missions.

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