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Custom Callsigns

Ever wanted to change that PAPA_BEAR to something else? Well here is how to do it.

Open up your init.sqs file and define your callsigns like this:

abelement = [West, "AirBase"];
hqelement = [West, "HQ"];

Then open stringtable.csv file with your favourite text editor and define the names for “abelement” and “hqelement” as follows:


Notes: Before you go on, keep in mind that [West, “Base”],[West, “PAPA_BEAR”], and [West, “HQ”] are all the same thing. Because of this, you cannot use a combination of the afforementioned three to make different callsigns. To make two different callsigns, you must use [West, “airbase”] along with either [West, “Base”], [West, “PAPA_BEAR”], or [West, “HQ”].

When you make a callsign using [West, “Base”], [West, “PAPA_BEAR”], or [West, “HQ”], you must allways use the line STR_CFG_PAPABEAR,“” to define the callsign in the stringtable.csv file!

When you make a callsign using [West, “airbase”], you must use the line STR_CFG_FIREFLYBASE to define the callsign in your stringtable.csv file!

After your callsigns have been defined, you may now use them in your missions like this:

abelement sideRadio "This is AB Element to all units.";
hqelement sideRadio "HQ Element to Alpha, mission accomplished.";

If you are making an addon, then of course you can specify as many custom callsigns as you want, but thats not in the scope of this page. This page was to instruct you to make mission callsigns without addons.

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