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It won't take you long to discover that the original Operation Flashpoint camera options which are found in the editor don't give you the same versatility that you have seen in the official missions or quality user-created cutscenes. The “editor driven cutscene” has long been frowned upon by serious mission makers and for good reason. Seeing the same spinning camera shot and slow zooms over and over make the editor driven cutscene instantly recognisable as novice and that's without mentioning the annoying split second delay before the cutscene gets going.

Thankfully BIS accounted for this by having its own method of creating camera cutscenes bypassing the editor options altogether. It is a script which simulates a real camera, which literally lets you point and click your angles, thus allowing you to create cutscenes with minimum fuss.

This script already exists within Flashpoint. By executing the script in-game you can activate a camera which is controlled using the keyboard. It can be moved into practically any position, and a 'snapshot' can be taken containing all the relevant information for that shot. The information can then be pasted into your cutscene script.


To execute the script create an object - doesn't need to be a soldier - and in its init field type:

this exec "camera.sqs";

Now when you preview the mission you will see the cinematic border at the top and bottom of the screen and a view looking North from the object you created. There will be a crosshair in the centre of the screen. If you fail to execute the script from an object, or the object doesn't exist, the camera will be created at 0,0,0 on the map.


Camera movement is controlled using the following keys:

Key Function
W forward
E fast forward
A move left
D move right
S move backwards
Q move up
Z move down

The camera can be rotated and tilted using the numeric keyboard:

Key Function
8 tilt upward
2 tilt downward
4 rotate left
6 rotate right

There is also a zoom function, again using the numeric keyboard:

Key Function
+ zoom in
- zoom out

Here is list of remaining functions:

Key Function
L get rid of the crosshair
/ (NumPad) target nearest object OR position on ground
Space Bar also targets nearest object OR position on ground
Del Turn on/off floating mode

Pressing V will cancel the camera view and return back to normal control.

Using in script

Finally, once you have framed your shot, press the Fire key (CTRL key). This stores the camera information in the windows clipboard. You can then press ALT-TAB to return to the desktop, and paste the camera information into a text-editor such as Notepad using CTRL-V. Text is also saved into clipboard.txt file in OFP main directory.

For every click you will get an entry in this file that will look something like this:

_camera camSetTarget [0,0,0]
_camera camSetRelPos [0,0,0]
_camera camSetFOV 0.700
_camera camCommit 0
@camCommitted _camera;

Note that the keyboard controls above are the default settings. If you have reconfigured your keyboard controls you'll have to find the equivalent keys.


In ArmA the clipboard.txt file is created in your user\application data directory.


C:\Documents and Settings\<WINDOWS_USER_NAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA\clipboard.txt

You should specify the -profile parameter to guide it elsewhere.

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