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Oxygen 2 Personal Edition

Oxygen 2 Personal Edition is the “O2 for ArmA”.

O2 has changed a bit since OFP times, now there is the rvmat texture slot, quite few more features and its buldozer is the ArmA engine (exe) itself, its quite nice in fact.


It comes with an exe installer unline its predecessor, it works quite nicely and setups the subst drive also.

If you want to enable your mouse cursor in the buldozer window so you can jump in and out of it without ALT-TABing, then find your ArmA.cfg file which the buldozer uses and enter there line of:

DisableMouseExclusive = 1;


TODO… sorry.

If you want to export your O2 model into 3DS Max, add the dlls of the O2 light and export works with textures. Note that once you copy the dll's, you need to set the dll paths correctly in options and restart O2.

Pivot Point
Armored_Sheep in BIS forums said this when asked if all models should be done “Center All” feature:
Binarisation (packing with BI packing tool) does the autocentering automaticaly for all objects exept the ones with autocenter=0 property in geometry.

I prefer models placed close to the center.

Dont use autocenter=0, exept for proxies or when you realy have no other choice.

ST Point Errors

If you get alot of these errors:

Warning: <addon>\<model>.p3d:0 Error while trying to generate ST for points: 5823, 5765, 5792

Then this might be the solution, said by Armored_Sheep in BIS forums:
This warrning message warns the modeler that he might check surface for a normal map distorsion. Very offten it does not make sense, but the check is very simple and automatic.

More important are bad mapped surfaces with stretched pixels announced as “Singular mapping…” this might cause loading bad texture mippmap - GPU power loss. You can find those in Oxygen using menu structure/check faces - named selection with bad maping faces is made.

Buldozer Settings

As buldozer is ArmA engine, it read the same configuration settings as normal ArmA. So you can setup anykind of configs with ingame options and then copy the config files into buldozer use.

To do this, like said setup ArmA ingame as you please (one good idea is to max all settings), then look for the arma.cfg and <yourname>.ArmAProfile file. If you are using -profiles= parameter with ArmA then the configs are found in the path you specified.

Create new dir in your armawork dir called Users/ then copy the username dirs into this new dir, then from O2 options (File → Options) choose the starting parameters for External Viewer as following:

"d:\arma\ArmA.exe" -window -buldozer -noland -profiles=d:\armatools\armawork\

That line would load “arma.exe from d:\arma directory as your buldozer, normal window/buldozer/noland stuff and then most importantly the profiles parameter just as ingame ArmA, in this case it would create d:\armatools\armawork\Users\ directory in which it would place the users dirs (in your name, what ever that might be). In these dirs, copy arma.cfg and <username>.ArmAProfile files, then you are ready to start O2 with your preferred settings.


If you cannot apply textures, make sure you have downloaded the latest Release Candidate 3 (or later if available) as the first version RC2 had a bug in DLL directory setup that prevented you to apply textures.

If your buldozer starts up and looks like an ArmA menu screen, you didn't correctly use the -buldozer switch in your External Viewer path (check spelling, one L only).

If you get an error about wireframe texture missing, it's because you have an option turned on in Oxygen's viewer menu (View > Viewers > Buldoser > Show Wireframe). Turn that option off. It is not true wireframe rendering, but uses a special texture to show what looks like wireframe. I guess your install is missing that texture file.

Buldozer Window Wrong Resolution

If your buldozer in window mode changes its resolution for some reason (most likely you changed your windows desktop resolution) then go to Users/ dir and edit the arma.cfg and change these following lines to match your wanted resolution:


In the example case it would be desktop resolution of 1024×768.


Download from official BIS Oxygen 2 page here.

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