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p3dm2lxo by Synide

p3dm2lxo is a tool to convert ArmA p3dm (MLOD) model to Lightware LWO format (yes it says lxo but its really lwo) which many 3d modeling programs read. To convert lxo/lwo back to p3dm you need to use lxo2p3dm tool. This tool is mostly used for O2 ↔ Modo conversion.

* NOTE: Requires v2.0 or higher to run.


Run the tool and browse to your p3d file, then you can select which LOD or LOD's you want to convert into LWO format.
Individual LOD's will be output to there own file within the same folder as the original file with the 'LOD name' appended to the end and .lwo file extension.
LOD's with zero number of points (and therefore zero faces) will produce no output.


p3dm2lxo_v0.7.rar 30 Kilobytes from RKSL

p3dm2lxo_v0.7.rar 30 Kilobytes from me… not 24/7

Above download links are dead as usual, cant trust other community sites, only PMC. I'll try to find the download and add it to our page as soon as possible. -Snake Man 2016-11-15T10:28:00Z

Sorry but I searched through all my hard drives and dvdr backups, I cannot find Synidex LXO tools, only lwo versions which pre date these. -Snake Man. 2017-01-22T12:06:00Z


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