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Armed Assault (ArmA)

When game crashes, it creates ArmA.RPT file into the dir, what does the errors mean?

Everything about config.cpp configuration files.

All ArmA tools listed which help you to edit it.

What are the new structs on the files.

Mission editing.

Making 3D models, hints and tips along with some guides.

Terrain editing, island WRP's and the satellite layer textures.

How to create those damned Normal Maps and Specular Maps etc!?

How to configure your model so it animates ingame?

Create cool scripts for the missions, you'd be amazed what you can do.

Add action hints and tips

How to configure your addon with the armory / library support.

Want to port your favorite OFP addon into ArmA? well read here.

I wanna be mod maker!!1 Read our guide how to become a mod maker.

How to mod, like how to create proper addons and mods so they are done right.

How to release your addon / mod properly, if you don't want to make mistakes, read this guide.

Miscellaneous stuff that we haven't found right place to put yet.

If you're having trouble editing BIsoldier and creating config for it getting it to work ingame, read this tutorial.

PMC editing tutorial for beginners. How to edit? What utils? Where are textures? Missions? Find out here.

How to use mod dirs, how to skip rahmadi loading, how to change where users dir is located etc.

How to setup Mod directory's for all your addons.

My helicopter / aircraft flies horribly, how do I tweak the flight model?

Build Environment or Development Environment tutorial by Synide. Excellent read, must for all addon makers.

How to configure your computer so you can run 2 copies of ArmA at the same time for single machine MP testing.

What is binarize? How do I use binarize?

How to install BIS tools and the CA sample model directories.

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