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lxo2p3dm by Synide

lxo2p3dm is a tool to convert Lightware LWO format (yes it says lxo but its really lwo) model files to ArmA p3dm (MLOD) models. To convert p3dm to lxo/lwo you need to use p3dm2lxo tool. This tool is mostly used for O2 ↔ Modo conversion.

* NOTE: Requires v2.0 or higher to run.


Run the tool and browse to your lwo file, it will be automatically saved to p3d format.


lxo2p3dm_v1.0.rar 30 Kilobytes from RKSL

lxo2p3dm_v1.0.rar 30 Kilobytes from me… not 24/7

As usual above download links area dead, don't trust anybody except PMC. I'll try to find this file and add it to PMC downloads. -Snake Man. 2016-11-15T10:31:00Z

Sorry but I searched through all my hard drives and dvdr backups, I cannot find Synidex LXO tools, only lwo versions which pre date these. -Snake Man. 2017-01-22T12:06:00Z


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