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cpbo by kegetys

cpbo: Extracts and creates PBO files. Run from windows explorer to associate it with directories and PBO files, after which you can extract PBO files by double clicking, and create PBO files by right clicking a directory. Also can be used from console. The PBO path prefix is saved to and read from a special file called $PBOPREFIX$ in the directory.

You can also do command line packing/unpacking which is very handy if you have to do constant back-and-forth addon editing & testing.

Here is example:

cpbo.exe -y -p PMC_wrpdemo d:\arma\x\ofpwrp\addons\PMC_wrpdemo.pbo

The above command line would pack the PMC_wrpdemo directory into PMC_wrpdemo.pbo file and save it to my ArmA PMC mod directory which is d:\arma\x\ofpwrp\addons\, this is very handy as I do alot of edits on the directory and need to test them over and over again ingame. The command line of course is run from runme.bat batch file or similar.

Go to Kegetys ArmA homepage for download.

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