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Move UV's

Move UV's by Synide

This is a tool / method to merge textures on ArmA p3dm (MLOD) models. It includes Nvidia tool to merge TGA images and Synide's util to update the ArmA p3d models.

This page is work in progress, sorry about that


I should point out as with all these 'tools' I'm releasing they are in no way 'refined'. They are just quick and nasty coding to get something working as fast as possible.


Here's a we process + tools to…

1. 'Stitch' or 'Merge' Textures together.

2. 'Shift' the UV's associated with those textures in the model to the appropriate place.

synMoveUV.rar (32 MBytes) Link is not 24×7. Sorry about the size.

Mirrored @ RKSL - synMoveUV.rar (32 MBytes)
Mirrored @ - synMoveUV
Mirrored @ synMoveUV
Mirrored @ - synMovUV
Mirrored @ - synMoveUV

It includes a small demo video etc… I can't be arsed making proper documentation and also the tool might produce premature balding… so use with caution.

BTW, Yes, that byte you have to edit in the .tga is at offset 17 - And, should be changed from whatever it happens to be to… 28 hex (40 decimal).

Note. Two of the tools included are from Nvidia's developer tools. They can be downloaded with there documentation, eula etc. from Texture_Atlas_Tools_1.0.0826.1700.exe and DDS_Utilities_8.31.1127.1645.exe.

synMoveUV_NoVid.rar (16 MBytes) - No Video…

Usage Details for the version without the Vid…

1. Extract the .rar.
2. Move the synBodies folder to your root folder on your P:\ drive.
3. Goto the SynBodies\tx - Texture folder.
4. Run the dos batch file… MergeTextures.cmd
5. Delete the file.
6. Rename the synSniper000.tga to synSniper.tga.
7. Open the tga in a Hex Editor.
8. Change byte 17 from 0x20 to 0x28 and save. (you are now able to open in TexView2 - without this alteration you won't be able too…)
9. Open the synSniper.tai text file in a Text Editor.
10. Make the texture names at the bottom exactly the same as in your model.
11. place a comma between the first (current texture) and the second (new texture) and alter the second texture name to point to the appropriate place. in this example the file would originally look like…

webbings_co.tga, 0, 2D, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.250000, 1.000000
spec_two_holster_co.tga, 0, 2D, 0.500000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.500000, 0.500000
hhl_34_co.tga, 0, 2D, 0.250000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.250000, 0.500000
hat_hands_co.tga, 0, 2D, 0.250000, 0.500000, 0.000000, 0.250000, 0.500000

And, you need to change it too… NOTE:- you shouldn't need to alter anything else apart from the texture names at the start of the lines and placing a comma between them…

synbodies\tx\webbings_co.tga,synbodies\tx\synSniper.tga, 0, 2D, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.250000, 1.000000
synbodies\tx\spec_two_holster_co.tga,synbodies\tx\synSniper.tga, 0, 2D, 0.500000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.500000, 0.500000
synbodies\tx\hhl_34_co.tga,synbodies\tx\synSniper.tga, 0, 2D, 0.250000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.250000, 0.500000
synbodies\tx\hat_hands_co.tga,synbodies\tx\synSniper.tga, 0, 2D, 0.250000, 0.500000, 0.000000, 0.250000, 0.500000

12. copy/move the synSniper.tai file to synBodies folder… where the model is sitting…
13. run the dos batch file 'MoveUV_1.cmd'.
14. Look at the results in the new synSniper_m.p3d.
15. You will note that in the UV editor the UV's associated with Hat & Hands are in the wrong place… Oh NO !
This is because that's where they are sitting in the original synSniper.p3d… instead of moving them there. We can simply open the synSniper.tai file and change…

synbodies\tx\hat_hands_co.tga,synbodies\tx\synSniper.tga, 0, 2D, 0.250000, 0.500000, 0.000000, 0.250000, 0.500000


synbodies\tx\hat_hands_co.tga,synbodies\tx\synSniper.tga, 0, 2D, 0.000000, 0.500000, 0.000000, 0.250000, 0.500000

Save the text file and re-run the dos command batch file 'MoveUV_1.cmd'…

you should be all good to go… cheers.

PS. have a look at the batch files for how the various programs are run…

Synide Move UV's Summary

Summary how to use Synide's Move UV's setup.

  1. run mergetextures.cmd file.
  2. delete the created .dds file.
  3. rename created tga file to <filename>.tga instead of <filename>000.tga
  4. open tga in hex editor, change the 2020 to 2028 hex, or open and save in photoshop.
  5. open the tga in TexView2 to see if its okay.
  6. open the .tai file in text editor.
  7. add the path to the tga files listed.
  8. add the path to the dds file and of course change it to tga.
  9. edit the move_uv1.cmd file to list your .tai file and your .p3d model.
  10. run the moveuv_1.cmd file.
  11. run the moveuv_2.cmd file.


Here are the download links for the Nvidia utils.



Then finally the Synide's synMoveUV tool downloads. First you must see that the v1.0 contains the large video tutorial, where v1.1 is only an small exe update without the video and reference material. So v1.1 is just an upgrade.

SynMoveUV v1.0 Mirrors:

SynMoveUV v1.1 (No video) Mirrors:
synMoveUV_v1.1.rar 7 Kilobytes (from RKSL)

synMoveUV_v1.1.rar 7 Kilobytes (Link not 24/7)

Some of the above links are dead so PMC to the rescue, here is PMC Editing Wiki download links: synMoveUV.7z and synMoveUV_v1.1.rar


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