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p3dminf by Synide

p3dminf util is for extracting statistics information from p3dm (MLOD) models like number of LODs, points/faces and sections. The purpose of this util is for MOD makers to quickly scan hundreds of p3d files (whole dirs) at once and to have nice text file output of all the models statistics, which can be then used to work on the models that are in need of tweaking.


p3dminf v0.5.0.0 Copyright Synide, 2008

Processes BIS p3dm mlod model files and outputs specific information regarding the number of lods and the number of points, faces, sections, named selections and properties for each lod.

Usage: p3dminf [options] -p=[search pathname] -f=<filename>.p3d -o=[output filename]

[options] - optional parameter '-s' - Also process subfolders.

[search pathname] - optional parameter
- If not present will process current folder.
- If present, it MUST be a fully qualified pathname. eg. P:\Synide\synBuildings

<filename>.p3d - required parameter
- Normal DOS wildcards maybe used in the filename. Only files with the extension of .p3d will be processed.

[output filename] - optional parameter
- If not present the output filename will default to 'p3dminf.txt' in the current folder.

Example: p3dminf -f=*high*.p3d -o=high.txt

parse files in the current folder with a filename matching *high*.p3d and place the text output in high.txt in the current folder.

p3dminf -s -p=P:\AAW\ -f=*.p3d -o=aaw.txt

parse files in the folder P:\AAW with filename matching *.p3d, also process all subfolders and place the text output in the file aaw.txt in the current folder.


p3dminf v0.5.0.0 Copyright © Synide, 2008
OutputFilespec=C:\Documents and Settings\Synide\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\p3dminf\bin\Debug\p3dminf.txt

<Filename> <NoOfLods>
<Lod> - <NoOfPoints>/<NoOfFaces>/<NoOfTris>/<NoOfQuads>/<NoOfSections> - <Resolution>

\synWeapons\synM136.p3d NoOfLods=9
LodNo=00 - 1296/1364/465/899/3 - 1.5
LodNo=01 - 673/721/359/362/3 - 2.3
LodNo=02 - 346/392/234/158/3 - 3.4
LodNo=03 - 73/58/10/48/1 - 5.1
LodNo=04 - 2416/2452/398/2054/3 - View Pilot
LodNo=05 - 169/302/302/0/1 - Stencil Shadow
LodNo=06 - 36/48/48/0/1 - Stencil Shadow 2
LodNo=07 - 60/58/8/50/1 - Geometry
LodNo=08 - 3/0/0/0/0 - Memory

\synWeapons\synM16A4GL.p3d NoOfLods=1
LodNo=00 - 5133/5152/1066/4086/5 - View Pilot


Download p3dminf.v0.5.7z

01-15-16 Note that I could not find official Synide release packet or working download link so the above 7z is just the p3dminf.exe from my own tools directory without readmes or anything (also could not find readme, which was odd).


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